Working somewhere (usually in private RV park, state or national park) as full-time RVer.

Temp Work Ideas - collected from many sources
Camp host - Blog by a Camp Host
Real snowbirds - camphosting in summer in Denali, spending winter in park model in TX.


Practical Advice:

  • do trips in your toad - splurge for a room with a tub for fun;
  • plan 10 months ahead, save positions in places you want to visit, check next year
  • subscribe to and ask experience from people who worked there
  • Tax break for RV-based business - travel expenses cannot be deducted if RV is your primary residence.



From paid vs volunteer:

  • if paid, you have to fill tax return for that state
  • paid positions have more hours and less flexibility (ie off hours not together)
  • volunteer: it's easier to say 'no' for some management requests
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