(picking berries for $0.10 per quart - promised to make $12 per hour?) I just think $12 a hour is a whole lot of serious picking whether the bushes are thorny or not….

I think it is a great idea….also good for learning more Spanish….;^)

Another thing I have never heard mentioned is wildcrafting….
..this is something the oldtime nomadic vandwellers have been doing for longer than I can remember….

In the PNW and western Canada, it is things like mushrooms and cascara bark, evergreen cones, and certain greens that florists buy…on and on, tons of stuff.

If you have the willingness and are willing to spend countless hours in the woods, walking miles and miles and bending over all day, it may be for you…

Every area of the country has it's bounty. Here in the southwest it is wildflower seeds, ironwood, snakeskins, and things like piƱon nuts.

If I needed to earn money any more I would consider wildcrafting long before field work…

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