• Dealing with hard water (southwest problem) using vinegar.
  • Cleaning Fresh Water Tanks add bleach to water, not the opposite!
  • Water Thief to connect threaded faucet to unthreaded.
  • Keep water from frozing (see also comments)
  • water hose tips: non-obvious: take 50 ft flat hose spare for rare cases when you need long hose - usually 10+25 ft should be enough. Colored hoses for different usage.
  • Selecting water filter system comparing options: filter all/drinking only, decent water most of time/heavy sediments often, price/space used, etc. more links
  • Panama or bust water treatment: one ounce of bleach into my water tank for every ten gallons of water being added. My drinking water then went through an under-the-sink Nature Pure filtering system. Then I put the water through a Britta water filter system container kept in my refrigerator door to chill.
  • Water heater: avoid Alum tank - only steel.
  • Water Filters - if only one filter, get silt filter. And pressure regulator. use rubber washers, not vinyl.
  • If you don't plan to clean your filter, better take it out and avoid slime buildup. High volume filters are less effective: better have separate faucet for drinking water with less flow.
  • Ceramic filters can be washed.
  • Water softener: potassium is more healthy than salts, but more hassle.
  • Water in the tank: key is to replace old water with new. Week is OK, no algaes because tank is dark. not staying connected to city water. Better is to fill fresh water tank and "live off of it", using the onboard water pump. This helps keep water fresh.
  • Water pump from fish tank - for shower
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