Is it worth to have washer/dryer?

Long forum debate about pro/con of different configurations of washer/dryer.
To consider:

  • combination units are small and do poor job.
  • stackable are better, but heavier and bigger (taking more space).
  • dryer works off 110 V (not 220 as stick home dryer does), so is much slower.
  • you can use it only with full hookup (and with plenty of power available). How big percentage of your RV time you will pay for that? So it very much depends on your RV lifestyle.
  • You can also get a rig with W/D connections ready, and postpone buying W/D until you are sure you want it and it fits your RV style.
  • Many FT will not even consider RV without W/D.

Commercial public laundries are sometimes less clean and not convenient. But commercial CGs (but not state park CGs) often have laundry and are cleaner.

Even without full hookup, in many state CG you can drain out the grey water into a Blue Boy and dump it in a waste water receptable. Making laundry "at home" saves time, even if you do it in (many) small loads.

If you are near an Escapees pk (and are members of Escapees) we called ahead and ask if we could use the laundry and they said "yes" even though we were staying at a state pk that did not have laundry.

Portable hand-cranked Washing Machine from http://laundry-alternative.com/ - they have also spin-dryer (300 watts) and better basket for laundry

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