Van Design Ideas

metal futon couch/bed with bunk bed on top
standard twin size surface so you can easily match it with standard bed linens and blankets.

nylon folding shelf, also bench/seat

spare tire idea
There is a fair amount of space from the between the fuel tank and the back bumper-just enuff for the tire. I bought a cheap crank winch-like on the front of a boat trailer. I welded the winch sideways to a frame piece near the back on the right side (would want to be lying out in traffic getting your spare out :shock: ) I cut the hook off the end of the cable-and fed it thru a couple of pulleys I mounted-one of them right over where I wanted the tire to end up. I made up an "H" out of 1" sq. tubing-large enuff to hold the rim up but sized so you can fit it thru the hole (10"X 4" from memory?) in the center of the rim and tied the cable off on the middle of the H. Slide the spare under the van-dish side up. Set the corner of the tire on a 2x4 or something so you can feed the "H" thru-and crank it up to the frame. I put a rachet strap on it hold it up-also a small safety chain. So the winch is more for lifting the tire rather than holding it up.(but it's still snugged up)

NYS thruway charges extra 40% for "tall" vehicles (7'6" and over)

get a old hearse and use a casket as a bed. Park at any cemetery ,church or funeral home and the cops aren't going to bother you, guaranteed. You could have a sign painted above the licence plate that says : Down for a long, deep sleep Disturb at your own risk.
P.S. I have eternity to haunt you.

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