Truckstop Showers

{ Newbie Driver]

truckstop showers: often less than wonderful even if they are better than nothing. Bring own soap: their soap is cheap and deadly. It is almost a rarity to find a shower that has water pressure. Mostly the water just kind of "drips" from the showerhead, and you get wet. Most have hardly enough pressure to get the shampoo out of your hair. The other annoyance, which I've coined "Freeze or Fry" is the occurrence that when someone flushes their toliet down the hall, your shower temporarily goes freezing or super hot. The last irritant I've found concerning showers is the lack of decent vents in the rooms themselves. If you take a nice, long, hot shower, too bad for you — the shower room will be a sauna. Sometimes, especially in summer, you come out of the truckstop shower hotter & sweatier than when you came in! I often open the shower room door after I've dressed to try to cool it down and don't take those really long, hot showers. Pilots put fans in their shower rooms and this is a good idea and helps. There's really no way to avoid these showers — you just have to remember which places have good showers, venting, etc, if that's something that matters to you. Unbelievably, I've found the best water pressure in some of the dumpiest looking places! As far as cleanliness, most are decent and the "big name" truckstops (Petro, Pilot, Flying J, Truckstops of America) will almost always be clean. Beware some of the truckstops that used to be 76 Truckstops —

I always ask for a second towel -

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