Truck Camper Ideas

hanging table outside next page: how to store them. Camper weights 550 lb

advice about choosing a shell: Pick one with win-doors, or side windows that also open upward to allow access to the bed from the sides. I wish my SnugTop SuperSport had them, but I found out too late that I could not have it converted. Whichever shell you choose, I would seriously consider windoors a requirement!

Go Hard Top
I know I will probably get some push back but here's my 2 cents:
Get a used hard shell camper like a small NorthernLite or Bigfoot. They are well built and you can store things on roof. No set-up needed, just park and you are ready for Bed… have you ever tried to set up a pop-up in a downpour… not fun. Yes hard shells are heavier but the smaller ones will probably work for you. I have a bigfoot camper on a F350 DRW truck. No, I can't go extreme off-roading but I have been on some pretty nasty trails and survived. The other advantage is you can set the truck camper on the ground and drive away in 20 minutes. Again I understand what the advantages for lighter more off road capable vehicles are, but the hard shell offers many advantages too;
-Virtually no set up.
-Great in a monster downpour, canvass sides get wet no matter what with pop-ups.
-Kayaks on top, no problem.
-I have a front hitch capable of holding a dual motorbike up to 450 lbs for exploring where truck camper won't go…
-easy loading and off loading of camper.
-allows you to use truck for other purposes all the time!

Bottomline… after you put lots of money into a trailer and tents etc… you can find a used Truck camper for the same price.

use spray adhesive to laminate a memory foam topper to a firm or extra-firm bottom. Something like 1" of memory foam over 3" of extra firm mattress foam will produce a result most will find comfy.

Similarly, in the Mog, I just bought the separate 1" topper and laid it over the 4" bench cushions and it was very nice as well.

bug repellent: spray on the screens

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