Truck Camper Consideration

soft side vs hard side :

Pro hardside

big thing for us was the stealth factor. With the hard side, no one even knew we were in there. With the pop-up everyones knows.
As far as gas mileage goes, I think maybe one MPG is all we saved.
- consider soft side in bear country: less safe. But: bear can rip door, and will not climb out 7 feet high.
- very limited storage space in our (softside) Northstar- nothing other than your bedding and pillows can be on the bed and if you pile bags on the floor and dinette seat you will need to put all that on the bed with the roof raised when you want to use the dinette. At times I feel that we are constantly moving stuff when we are traveling (generator, clothing bags, extra food supplies, etc..).
- Hardside definitely blocks sound (both ways) better than a popup.

Pro softside:

- The lower center of gravity? reduced wind drag? Lower profile which lets you go places most hardsides can't? not being blown around by high winds on the highway
- Outfitter is usable in down. has basement, is a bit taller (including entry door)

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