Weakest link in towing - human driver.

There is big difference if you are in MH towing a small car, in a light truck towing 5th wheel, or towing TT. Only for TT you need fancy weight-distributing hitches.

Towing ready? - it is more than just buying a rig and a truck to tow it. You want to be able to STOP your rig. You can go down a mountain too slowly a thousand times, but too fast you go only once. save your brakes and keep them cool (for emergency braking) by driving in low gear (and buy exhaust brakes).

You can protect your towing lock(s) by using a lubricant designed especially for locks, such as white graphite, available at any locksmith shop or hardware store. NEVER OIL A LOCK! Oil attracts dirt. You may put a piece of tape over the keyway to prevent dirt and water from getting in. Or put a plastic bag over their lock(s) and secure it.

Prevent stealing TT/5W - with a hitch lock.

wood blocks: large (4x8x20, 2x8x20), pressure-treated wood.

Mirrors - 1 inch of width for every 10 feet of RV length. Plus convex. You need to see 200' back. 6"wide x14" tall.

Never tow in overdrive - turn it off to prevent up/down shifting.

How stuff works:

Half-ton truck can carry more than half of a ton.

Toad towing

Self-aligning Car-mounted Tow Bars with base plate - and you need also Lube Pump for Towing (Honda can be towed without a pump) - Tow 2-wheel drive car (pic: tow it by a motorcycle)

Air deflector: has to be wide, sharp angle (30 deg) and be foldable. Also helps to prevent bugs on trailer.

Safety at night - buy ($7) reflective lime green safety vest I wear if I have to get out of the rig along the road.

Toad brakes

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