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Streetfighting (hub) is brutal. it's no martial art.

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Why Marc was called "animal" - illegal use of strike enhancers for early preemptive strike:
You don't don't want to fight the guy

  • unexpected and rapid escalation to violence
  • intense pain out of proportion to the light fast strike you delivered
  • the confusion of being screamed at while his eyes are watering
  • you giving him an opportunity to leave as an alternative to further pain
  • you stop actually attacking — while still showing that you are willing to continue

on being street fighter (at the page bottom) is like having poisonous snake in hand, which can kill people.

"back up on you" streetrat will back away from direct confrontation when the odds are not in his favor, but return with something that will guarantee his victory: friends, a weapon or waiting for you in the shadows with a shotgun. And he is going to keep coming at you until he has, in his mind, proved to himself that he has won.(This is why you should ALWAYS immediately leave an area after an altercation. It's not cowardice, it's a survival strategy).

Knife fight is a fantasy - in real life it's knife murder, and you have to make that choice. You have to decide to be a killer and develop Killer instinct (become sociopath with PTSD, eliminate yourself from normal human beings). Make a beast from yourself to get rid of the pain of being human
When you ask if you "have what it takes" - answers is: likely not, likely you are normal human.

Fighting is dangerous: "Ridding yourself of fear of fighting" - fear helps you to avoid it (and if you try to "win", your fear and temptation to run will hinder your chances to win: but fear will help you to leave faster). Be afraid. if the attacker didn't have something dangerous ready, he wouldn't be there in the first place
If you go into an altercation with any other goal than ending it NOW - whether that is running like hell or dropping the guy ASAP before he blows your head off - then you are going in with the wrong mindset. Have things in life that are more important than pride and ego.

Lies about knife fight - how to (1) stay alive, which is very hard, and (2) avoid prison for self-defense with knife.

  1. You will have time to draw weapon: NO, especially if it is a folding knife. Because attack is fast: if you seen knife, it was for threat show (and not for attack).
  2. It's (fair) "fight" = duel: NO: assassination attempt using knife. People use weapon to win, not to fight (duel between equal opponents). If opponent sees your weapon, he will back out and bring superior weapon, to win.
  3. "But what if I am cornered?" NO, is incredibly difficult to "corner" someone who is determined to leave - because if you leave, you can fully commit yourself for action (more so than fighting).
  4. He's going to attack you a certain way: NO. And martial arts train for duel, not assassination attack.
  5. And then he is going to passively stand there while you carve him NO:
  6. Trapping and disarming NO: You cannot establish control to safely close. Attacking after disarming gets you prison.
  7. Bio-mechanical cutting if you use deadly weapon (thug's weapon) to stop attacker, you may have legal problems, if not warranted.
  8. There is difference between stick-fighting and knife-fighting - blade has edge. You need to train differently: your life might depend on those slight differences. Kali/escrima/arnis is good bot not knife.
  9. Grappling with a knife-fighter: NO: it can get you killed fast.
  10. There is such a thing as a master knife fighter NO - they are all in prison.
  11. Expect to get cut: - NO: your ability to fight will deteriorate very quickly after cut. Trade a cut for a kill, but nothing else.
  12. It's easy to disarm an armed opponent NO: If someone is just standing brandishing a knife is not trying to kill you …he is trying to scare you away. Attacker is faster.
  13. You can successfully fight an armed attacker NO: you may survive if what you do is fast, effective and brutal - no time to give you much damage.

Weapon disarms - DON'T if you are not LEO. Run like hell, if weapon is just threat. If attacked, "trade cut for kill" - accept one slash by knife while driving attacker skull into ground, disabling him. Don't disable weapon, but attacker.

Weapon disarm techniques - most trainers never faced weapon.

  • difference between a bluff, threat display and an actual attack: distance: far: threat. Close: attack.
  • brandishing of the weapon isn't a bluff. It is a statement of commitment. It's showing how far the person is willing to go to get you to change your behavior. Stop it or bleed.
  • So if far, don't close to engage in fight/disarm - run away.
  • Attacker can see from your body language that you want to resist - faster than you act (he was mentally prepared for violence, you need time to get there).

The cost of using knife on humans: horror of it will mess your psyche. This is why many criminals burn out, get into drugs. Knifing someone is even worse than shooting him.

3 ways to use knife: display; torture; murder. Stigma and downside of being bad-ass.

Street life

it is easy for me to walk away from potential conflicts. Not because I don't want to rip some asshole's head off, but because there are things in my life that are more important than my pride and ego.

If someone tries to kill you (if other result, it was threat display, not attempt to kill you)

  • You die.
  • You end up in the hospital … for a long time.
  • someone (usually you) ran away
  • Shoot back (and other person runs away)
  • Retaliate with such ferocity that the other person is injured, killed or runs away.
  • Someone else intervenes (doing one of above)

Someone is pointing gun at you (threat display) - is NOT TRYING TO KILL you (but might if you get caught in monkey brain) and has instructions on how to AVOID it!

  • If the guy is waving a gun at you telling you leave or shut up … TAKE HIS ADVICE!!!!
  • If he's got a gun in your face saying give him your wallet … DO SO!

monkey brain is more concerned about emotions, feelings, pride, status and, most of all, winning than anything else. Be rational. Silence your MB. Saying "You don't have the guts." is suicide. keep the bullets in the gun — even if that means swallowing pride. It's time for the lizard brain to take over. Problem with modern life we seldom have need to let lizard drive - BEFORE shooting started.
monkey brain often projects 'danger' into the future. (e.g. if you don't stand up to this bully, everyone will pick on you). MB needs to get the 'last word in.

When someone is shooting (same article halfway down) - explains bullet types, calibers, etc. Cover (brick wall, car engine) will stop bullet. Concealment (drywall, car doors) will hide you but bullet can penetrate and hit you. RUN AWAY and use objects for concealments. Don't hide inside house - run out other way. Don't get shot by responders.

Lastly, how to shoot back: let family out, then change position to draw response fire away from them.

Being Alpha
An alpha needs to keep his word. If he offers a person a chance to walk away safely, he needs to stick to it. He doesn't increase his alpha status by suddenly changing his mind and attacking the person, he actually undermines it in the eyes of others.

How Alpha male gets respect - by building TRUST that he will do his DUTY, enforcing RULES which will let everyone to survive. Fear is not respect. Insecure alpha is afraid of being bullied because THAT is what they would do to someone else. So IA doesn't understand the reasons for using force and doesn't know when to back off. And will PROVOKE ATTACK.

Macho vs tough - Are you tough enough? Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength. Most people are not psychotic, selfish, twisted or sociopathic enough to make a good streetfighter.

Best weapon: CZ 75 with isosceles stance, Scout Rifle

Why this effort saving life - yours or someone else.
If you plan to survive street fight, you need street cred - so attacker will "forget" what happened if police asks. Consider that family of attacker will sue you (attorney working for part of settlement) - they have nothing to lose, you do. And revenge of the whole clan.

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