Stealth Camping
  • Hospitals - If approached by security (unlikely) tell them you are

from out of town waiting to see Aunt Sue in the morning. Most hospital cafeterias offer decent food at reasonable prices.

  • Motel, Hotel Parking Lots: Medium sized is best, too small and you stick out, too big and they may have security which will double check license plates against the registry. Park like you are a guest staying there. Too far away seems odd.
  • Car Repair Garages: If a cop comes by, tell them you are traveling, had a problem, and are waiting for the garage to open in the morning to get repairs. Leave early.
  • Closed Large Retail stores: put a “For Sale” sign on the dashboard before you go to bed. Use a local phone number if possible.
  • 24 hr Businesses: Sometimes they have security - safest places you can stay.
  • Apartment Complexes: Park as visitors/guests. Very safe parking.
  • Police Station: tell the officer you are passing through and need to catch a few

hours sleep. Could you sleep in their parking lot? If he says yes, you are set. If he
says no, ask him for ideas where you can park. He probably will help you out,

  • Dirt Road: Find a dirt road and follow it to a spot that gets you out of the path of passing headlights at night. I won’t do it in more urban areas,
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