Most vans (at least American vans) are a body on a heavy chassis frame whereas the Sprinter is of "unibody" construction. In the Sprinter type construction the roof structure is important in keeping the entire vehicle rigid. I believe that is why they offer different roof heights and do not want roofs cut off and replaced by big openings or fiberglass raised roofs. Their own fiberglass "mega roof" has substantial cross beams to keep the whole van body rigid. (so cutting the hole in the roof for pop-up in Sprinter might be more dangerous than in Ford/Chevy van)

smart interior design + read: books on boat design and cruising (e.g., From a Bare Hull by Ferenc Mate), John Speed's Travel Vans.

Which Sprinter T1N or NCV3?
If I will buy Van Sprinter again, I will buy year 2005 …….. 23 mil/gal
Now I do have 2007 diesel. But Euro emission …………… 18 mil/gal 60K miles (just center bearing to fix)

Better is to buy Sprinter 2005 because last one model of emission then 07/08/09.

Special low-sulphur diesel only?

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