Snowbirds: RVers who in winter stay many weeks/months in same place in south, get medical/dental check-ups, relax, do repairs and get ready.
comparing options: Southern Florida is humid and too crowded; Southern Texas is too windy; Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona has a lot of air pollution; Southern California is windy and crowded. If you can handle some chilly nights, but not extreme cold: southern Utah (St. George area), Hill Country of Texas, Southern Georgia or Northern Florida away from the crowds and high prices.

No perfect place, so try them all:

  • Florida Keys, northern beaches (less crowded, less expensive, colder).
  • Texas: Rio Grande and South Padre Island (lots of fish).
  • Arizona: rocks, dry climate.
  • Reserve early. Park model parks, particularly ownership parks, are unfriendly to RVers.
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