• First try of new san tech: always with gray water. Then, gray last to flush black.
  • Fix plastic plumbing
  • Macerator
  • Sewer Solution water jet pump, simpler and cheaper ($100) than macerator (but uses more water)
  • sewer hose storage container: A five gallon bucket + fittings in the center of the coil.
  • Cheap P-trap to keep dump stink out.


  • Connecting the water hoses caused cuts and bruises to get it tight. Solution: "Hose Quick Connection"
  • clean black tank with baking soda after couple months of sitting still in CG.


  • portable toilet slides out of a base cabinet when needed, is otherwise out of the way and out of sight. we have to empty it more often than the usual blackwater tank—but we can empty it in a gas station restroom, a rustic pit toilet, a standard campground hookup…When/if it breaks down we could replace the whole thing inexpensively.
  • Bucket + sawdust: free sawdust in any Home Depot, sawing area - bring your own container.

Sewage disasters

Hydro-Agi company sponsors a contest each year in which RVers tell of their worst sewage system disasters.

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