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Self Defense Psychology - Self-defense by avoiding danger - excellent self-defense website: not selling ultimate fighting system or super-duper killer gadget, but free and straight info about PERSONAL SAFETY by avoiding violence if possible. Huge site, because look at the problem from all sides. It's not about punching but about people skills: what to say and what not: start by controlling YOUR OWN emotions. site is huge and wordy because subject is complex and author is NOT selling 'magic amulets' which work for every case (because they don't exist). What you think you know can kill you. if seemingly "normal" circumstances that are something else, and you ignored danger signs and failed to adapt.
direct links to answers to simple questions
author - survived on streets and knows the paranoia. expert - blog - FAQ - testimonials - his self-defense training system

Book about rules of street life. first book - Rate your risk - be survivor self defense for seniors “Taking the Bully by the Horns” (for children)
Self-defense forum

Recommended reading (in this order) (more books about Redirecting Behavior with Words (literature just above) ):

  1. Peyton Quinn Freedom From Fear
  2. Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence
  3. Gavin De Becker The gift of Fear
  4. Al Siebert The Survivor Personality

Also: Albert Bernstein's Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People drain you dry
Alain Burrese “Hard-Won Wisdom From the School of Hard Knocks.”
Martial Arts America by Bob Orlando.
Nathan Johnson's Barefoot Zen: The Shaolin Roots of Kung fu and Karate
Street-safe DVD and book "Safe In the City"
Lillian J. Glass: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Verbal Self-Defense [Paperback]

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