RV Lifestyle

For those that believe, no explanation is necessary.
For those that don’t, no explanation will suffice.

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Is RV Lifestyle for you?

Would Traveling fulltime wear me out?

It would wear us out too. We average traveling in the motorhome one day a week and sightseeing about two days a week. The other four days a week we go shopping, do laundry, read and watch TV and do our hobbies.

How you can live in such small place?

RV is only my kitchen and bedroom. My living room is whole country.

A day in RV Life





After 10 years of nomad life

  • Planning a break from travel after 10 years
  • Art of drifting
    • A TRAVELER has a destination, an agenda, time constraints, enjoys PASSING scenery but usually cannot spontaneously stay the night with it.
    • A DRIFTER has direction (i.e. North), interests (in place of agenda), no time constraints, can sit with the scenery, even camp with it till he's had his fill.
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