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Book Reviews

RV'ing for Fun and Profit - Tom & Mary Lou Magee

  • First Impression: Big Font - they were trying to fill the pages, quickly. I was right. This book is a filler to promote paid advertisement, disguised as infomercials. I bet they made a good profit from the book.
  • Good list of questions to consider when researching RV to buy, but no pro-con analysis, so it's of a little help (I am hoping that my website is more informative :-) ). Also, some sections miss the most important point. Like "Why buy new" does not mention "because you can order floor plan and amenities exactly as you want", which is main reason for many.
  • Decent Learn to drive RV section written by external expert. Good bits placed in driving page.
  • Making profit section is almost half of the book, with many success stories not relevant to RV. Most of it is not specific for RV - just generic advice for new entrepreneur wannabe. Obviously authors know how to make money on RV: by writing such almost-good books with catchy titles! :-)
  • You have time to write memoirs for your grand-grand children.
  • Some viable business ideas:
  1. repairs: RV, car, motorcycle, bicycle, appliances, windshield, vinyl sliding,
  2. tax preparation; financial/disability services adviser; estate planning;
  3. collect butterflies for sale; custom jewelry and crafts (driftwood, arts,…)
  4. sales: business representative of your old employer; RV stuff, mystery shopper
  5. computer-related: PC repairs, programming, web design, and teaching classes on using PC;
  6. grooming: pet, manicurist, hairdresser, physical therapist (might need state license)
  7. Writer - as travel writer.


Might be worth reading if you borrow this book, but IMHO not worth paying for. Book is dated (1996). RV info is still relevant, because RV technology did not changed much, but info related to computers, cell phones and doing business changed a lot.

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