Personal Security


  • Safety and security - excellent list, and tools
  • Project confidence and be prepared.
  • Understand how criminals think Crimes are committed as gang initiation to weed out infiltrators. Amphetamin is easy to make in RV. Never agree to go to other location - it is always less secure. You have better chances for help even if shot at "first" location. Make noise. Don't agree to save child - criminal does not want the child.
  • Buy a no soliciting sign, and put a "day sleeper" sign underneath that. It gives the appearance that someone is home even when you’re away all day.
  • Carry and use a "call police" sign by placing it in the back window.
  • When parking at a mall, park so that entry door faces the public side. Check the tow connections after being away from the coach:The criminal may partially disconnect the tow bar, and strike when tow car will become partially disconnected, and the coach is forced off the road.
  • have the number to the store where you're parked call their security dept.
  • three-car attack: On a secluded four-lane road (two in each direction) the first car passes and then pulls in front of you. Car two pulls along side of car one, and car three pulls along side of your RV. Then the car in front of you suddenly hits the brake, causing you to crash into the back of him.
  • Make your RV easy to find: put four large numbers on front and back of coach; and on top of the RV (visible from the air). Contact someone at least weekly - he should know where you are, contact local police, with the numbers on your RV.
  • Shotgun is better than gun. Never shoot a warning shot. Never shoot just to injure. If you are in danger enough, then shoot to kill. If not trained and ready to kill, don't get the gun.
  • Get camera, document any encounter with police and intruders.
  • Unbreakable umbrella - $200, 2 lb steel stick + innocent looking rain umbrella
  • Wasp Spray for self-defense is close to urban legend. DDSP has gel-based pepper spay with range up to 25 feet. Pepper Balster - used by Guardian Angels?

If you're alone (no traveling companions), you have no way to prove your alibi at the scene of a crime.
I was working for Walgreens Corporate, sleeping (but nothing else) in the van I had no way to prove my alibi. I could have gone to jail for three months: the time it takes to get a lawyer - by that time the vehicle and everything else would be gone.
l have onboard cameras for showing when I'm in or out. It can't speak for me if I'm out, but if a crime happens and I'm on the camera at the time, I'm safe.

  • Routine when you see a policemen: Put both hands on the dashboard and tell officers you have no weapons.
  • For security: have lights & sirens INSIDE the vehicle.

If someone breaks in and wants something, the lights and sirens inside the
vehicle make it difficult for them to concentrate on finding something they
want. High db sirens will have them wanting to cover their ears and
high-bright strobes will make it hard for them to see. Of course, if you're
sleeping in the rig, this ads "complications" — but definitely if you're
away at night time hours - internal siren(s) and strobe(s) give would be
thieves a major distraction — and as someone else also noted, outside
sirens are often ignored by people anyway

Redefine Safety Safety is not expecting that bad things won’t happen. But rather trusting that I have the agility, capacity and courage to deal with the bad stuff WHEN (not IF) it happens.

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