Maintenance Tips
  • Hard screw: dip the screwdriver tip in valve-grinding compound (buy at most automotive-supply stores. A 11/2-ounce tube will likely cost you less than $1) from 10-Minute Tech RV tips

5 gallon bucket

  • Seat: Just turn it over. Nest them inside each other for storage
  • Emergency Toilet. With a trash bag for a liner and a snap-on toilet seat
  • Washing Laundry: With a lid, clean toilet plunger to agitate.

Many small tips

  • dual tires best the same brand: exact diameter
  • use steel caster wheels in the back of an RV to protect against the long overhang.
  • Clean your roof with a medium bristle brush and lots of water. Do not use petroleum distillates as they may make the roof bubble.
  • If you line the bowl with toilet paper before use, it will help keep it cleaner.
  • Two six volt golf cart batteries cabled in series are almost twice the reserve power of two 12 volt batteries in parallel. This despite the fact that the amp hour ratings would appear to be similar. T145 or T105 by Trojan are the top.
  • 5W breakaway switch on the gooseneck: If you pull it out to "lock" the wheels when parked, you'll run the batteries down and eventually break the mechanism. Don't do it!
  • Inverters: Most buyers want to use microwave ovens. They figure a 1,000 watt inverter will run a 800 watt microwave. Wrong. Usually the "800" watt microwave will draw as much as 1,500 watts. Check inside the microwave door
  • watch for puddling of water around roof air conditioners. The unit should be mounted on a portion of the roof where the water will run away from it.
  • RV cleaning For all saps except cottonwood, use a product called Brite Stick Clay Bar (this is Canadian, I am not sure of the US equivalent). This stuff is the consistency of Play Dough and will work until it turns black. Put a light soap solution on a horizontal surface and rub the surface, kneading the Bar and turning clean surfaces to the front. For cottonwood sap, use rubbing alcohol.
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