RV maintenance is a constant problem. Not only you have a car or two to keep running - you have also a house with you, and due to travel, house is like in a constant earthquake.

Being able to fix many of problems on your own is important - keeps cost down, and keeps the rig rolling.

Log of issues - please note "event" is about every other week or so. Use this log when asking the dealer to fix your RV - don't assume they will know what is broken.

Maintenance tips



Extended warranty

  • how it works who pays for what, and how parties are making profit: for insurer to survive, the average customer must pay significantly more than the amount paid out to him. (and from studies insurer knows exactly what the risk is).
  • “If we do not insure and the worst happens can our finances survive the cost?” If that answer is yes, they do not buy insurance. Purpose is not to save money, but to protect you from financial disaster.

Manufacturer's support

  • at company rallies, info seminars about your rig technology and maintenance, and free services (if manufacturer still in business)
  • Winnebago/Itasca has 1500-sites RV park where you can come and get stuff fixed. Other manufacturers might be less generous (worth consideration), Mohr/Ryde's service is hated by others. Is this service good sign, or sign of bad quality of RV?



  • Always pack for night and when out
  • Vinyl preferred: cheaper, fixable tears (DoughBoy, PlastiSeam). All metal-wrapped awnings are acrylic.
  • pure silicon spray only on awning parts….never WD40, machine oils. Don't use ANY household cleaning products. Get a vinyl cleaner…Starbright, etc. Vinyl attracts mildew which can destroy fabric. Pitch is a problem: try ice cubes, made it brittle, then break them off. No known cleaners for tree sap for either vinyl or acrylic.
  • Bottom brackets are crucial.


If you pay cash to replace windshield (no insurance), you may get substantial discount

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