LP Gas

LP Gas prohibited

  • Filling safety tips - and have two 5-gal extra tanks.
  • Propane detector for $25 is easier to use (so used more often) than soap bubbles.
  • Catalytic heater
  • Propane safety :
  • keep filled tanks with escape valve on top so that any "overfilled" volume will be expelled as a vapor, and not in its liquid form.
  • Don't paint propane tanks a dark color to "match your rig" — it will warm up and become "overfilled".
  • Propane vaporizes at -44 F, but in South is sometimes mixed with butane (vaporizes at 32 F) If you fill up with Butane in Texas and drive home to Minnesota in winter months, it doesn't vaporize, and your appliances won't work.
  • Tank need recertification: 12 y in USA, 10 y in Canada.
  • Never travel with gas fridge on: flame hazard.
  • Two stage pressure regulators provide margin of safety. "Single stage" regulators are illegal on RVs.
  • 90,000 BTUs per gallon of propane. Fridge uses very little — about 2,000 per hour. Standard stove burner about 5,000 per hour.
  • we had a tire blow out and rip out the underside of the fifth wheel. It pulled electric wires out of the wall and ruptured the propane line. I could hear the igniter trying to relight the refrigerator. Scary if there was gas spill.
  • Restaurant supply stores have small propane tanks for much less than sporting goods stores. Sometimes you have to buy it by the case
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