Living in RV
  • Doing laundry - is it worth to have washer/dryer?
  • Be prepared to lose a valet
  • Plastic bags stuffed with more plastic bags (or: paper towels) keep pantry contents in place on the road. Or simple balloons.
  • Clean your RV: buy Clorox sanitary wipes and a 350 count box of Shop Towels at Sam’s for about $20.00. Multi-day project.
  • defrosting fridge , sanitize water hose, and if interrupted during takeoff routine, start from beginning.
  • more space in galley: wooden stove-top board.
  • toolbox in 5W towing truck or in trailer back.
  • sewage tube in PVC pipe under back bumper.
  • storage in steps - for tools you need often.
  • flat dashboard - another place to keep stuff like maps
  • wipe down the shower to prevent condensation (and keep the fan running while showering)

RV Park showers

Leveling RV


  • When overnighting in shopping center parking lots: Put your car keys beside your bed at night. If you hear activity outside or someone is trying to get into your RV or vehicle, just press the panic button.
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