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DIY fulltime van For insulation, you can firit out with 1" firring strips, and use a 3" fiberglass bat with no vapor barrier. You'll want that much so it will be packed tight when the inside wall material is installed. That way, it won't come loose and fall to the bottom of the walls once it is bounced around on the road for a while. It also helps to paint the insulation space with yellow carpet glue before installing the bat. Do not even consider the use of urethane foam insulation, even though it offers much better R-value. Any closed-cell foam will squeak and rattle while you're traveling, and will be very noisy as a result. For the inside walls, I used 1/8" tempered masonite, and glued a very lightweight carpet over the top to give in a pleasant feel to the touch and to minimize noise.

Other people say that squeaking is possible only a little and on road, so no problem.

foil covered bubble wrap on the rear windows. Very private, reflected my LED lighting to make it brighter inside. insulation department of any home store. One roll was more than enough to make covers for all the window

DIY insulation

4 OEM windows for van, with slides and screen on bottom — $1600

Comparing Insulation materials .gov links

or the floor use Rustoleam Epoxi Shield Garage floor coating. sounds like it's slippery, but some sand mixed into the epoxy seems to solve that issue.

if you are using foam board-get the stuff with the foil on it for about the same price as the pink foam board [dow] or the blue foam board [dow] but not the white foam board called "bead board"-it has half the insulating value of the polyisocynate board and will begin to squeak when is loosens up in the cavity as one drives down the road….it also holds water…which iso board will not. Foil is not something that I understand very well-so i go along with the manufactures guide….. only i apply a 4 inch vinyl tape to the seams and any openings in the sheet face to control any moisture should it be present….with spray foam it is unnecessary to have a moisture barrier as 2 lb. density spray foam will not allow any moisture to penetrate the foam……keeps moisture in and controls any leaks in the outside skin of the truck box..geofkaye

The main factor in overheating is Solar gain. Use Reflectix, inside the windows, sealed around the edge. Make 3/4" spacers, from scraps of Reflectix, to maintain the air spaces, between the Reflectix and the glass, and/or other layers. In my van I have glass+air-space+Reflectix+air-space +1/2" isocyanurate+air space+Reflectix, for a total Rvalue of as much as R12.4 (if the air spaces are maintained) That
will keep your van as cool as outdoors, if you also vent it. It will also (along with a Reflectix curtain behind the front seats, keep you nice and warm in Winter. Laren Corie

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