How to stay in touch


have plenty of minutes avoid Sprint and try Pocketmail.

CB Radio

Buy CB radio and keep it tuned:

Weather radio

with constant weather updates and alert can be also combined with CB radio.


Many options from satellite (Datastorm, $5000) to phone cards and free WIFI/libraries.
Aircard seems good now and getting better faster than satellite.
WiFi with own antenna booster seems be better and cheaper than satellite.
Antenna boosters
Buy a Starbucks travel mug, fill it with their home-brewed coffee or tea, and go to local Starbucks for the "ambience" (and free wifi).

Mail Forwarding

  • General delivery is better into small towns with single post office with few employees (less confusion, less general delivery mail to be mishandled) and ample parking. Write "hold till arrival".
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