How LP gas fridge cools - explains how LP fridge gets damaged over time. Claims that it's safe to travel with fridge on: in sense that off-level damage will not happen. But in case of accident, you do not want to have gas flame around your gas tank.
RV fridge works differently - and how to make sure gasket keeps cold in (using a dollar bill).
If electric appliance breaks try Dino replacement.
LP Gas appliances - usually it is ignition problem.

  • Fridge on DC is marginal. LP or AC should be same. On LP needs to be level to coolant circulate back. Venting heat out is critical.
  • Check your fridge with items in the door! The extra weight of my stuff caused the door to sag not engaging the latch. Luckily I was paranoid with duck tape. - circumnavigated world twice without refrigerator - in tropics.

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