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Floor Plan

  • Split bathroom: toilet is in a small, separate room, and shower/sink in the open. This seems to make the bathroom more spacious.
  • Shower close to bed: so you can install a railing, use shower as clothes storage, and quickly move stuff to beg to take a shover, then put it back.
  • Dinette booth has storage underneath the seats - get storage with drawers.
  • Computer corner - should be convenient to work there. Place for printer.
  • Center kitchen/bath has more space - and also is less prone to vibrations.
  • No kitchen/fridge in slideouts - problem-prone.
  • swivel seats are dangerous and illegal on vans.


  • Propane oven: most people does not use it, or use electric one. Better to have 3 drawers instead. Get dutch oven.
  • Washer/dryer isn't practical : only can do small loads and require water and sewer hookups (cannot use during dry-camping). Better to have storage.
  • connection for external propane cylinders “extenda-stay" - so when you camp-host, you can refill LP without unhooking and decamping.
  • sliding glass windows with jalousie so you can keep some windows open at night.

RV Design

  • Vinyl/laminate flooring is easier to maintain than carpet.
  • Dual glass windows - better insulation (even if it adds weight and price).
  • CCC (Cargo Caring Capacity) - at least 2500 lb. 3000 is even better (that's why people go with DP).
  • Class C front bunk window is prone to water leaks and dry rot
  • Galley (kitchen) consideration: smaller sink but bigger counter, and folding extension.
  • high rise axle plumbing and holding tanks are just too low for boondocking - that entails going down some unpaved roads


  • 10 tips like kitchen top extension from IKEA
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