Features Pro Con

Each feature has Pros and Cons, and decision can be made only for a particular RV lifestyle (including, but limited to, budget)

Truck camper consideration
Excellent pro/con of many features - 26 pages, stealth box truck, by electro-engineer. Electric (post #34),


Diesel envy Yes, you can drive diesel engine 100K miles a year, but would you want to? Maintenance is expensive: oil change might cost $300. But it has the power going uphill, and exhaust brakes to go down. Also, D pusher is more dangerous in case of fire (engine is far back, problems are harder to see).

CCC* - Cargo Caring Capacity - is very important.

4 wheel drive will help you go in inclement weather but it wont help you stop. If you cant stop, do you really think you need to go? Use 4x4 to get out of trouble, not to get stuck 200 yards farther.


propane or electricity

Slides - are expensive to repair after cca 5 years, are heavy and takes place of storage cabinets. Also, fridge/kitchen in slideout is even less reliable.


Awning is nice but can be source of many problems. One RVer got custom RV without awnings.

Wet bath - sure you need to wipe toilet after shower, but you get huge storage instead.

Air conditioning ducted vs non-ducted, single vs multi

RV Size pro-con: many places are limited to 25 ft MH, or even 22 (CO). Truck camper rules there.

Describing the selection process

  • Good recount of important features. Center kitchen/bath has more space - and also is less prone to vibrations.
  • Gas Class A MH - good pro-con too. But for next MH they decided for Diesel pusher
  • Space to FT in a truck camper cabinet instead of oven and dry bath shower; no skylight in kitchen (no leaks), small AC; small quiet generator
  • Why not diesel researched costs: initial acquisition, but also in the insurance, fuel and maintenance. While gas engines are not as durable as diesel, they are typically about $20,000 to $30,000 less expensive, even in the used market, then a diesel pusher. I figured I could replace the gas engine at least a couple times for that difference in cost.
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