Equinox Tandem

There is another Equinox kayak by Eddyline (sit-inside)
Costco's is 12.0T (10.4 is single). 12.0T seems look like FutureBeach Nexus 144T. Nexus 144T has awful reviews

Review - cheap, heavy but OK (good value in Costco and tracks straight):

  • You don't get all of the super seat adjustments you get with a more expensive boat, but who cares — add some padding behind your back or a towel under your behind & you've got it covered.
  • It is wide - which can be a "pro" if you like it for stability" or a "con" if you're not crazy about a wide boat.
  • The sides are high enough that it takes more effort to get water over the sides than in my lower-profile boats. Great for keeping water out, probably not great for windy conditions - but I can't say because I didn't paddle it in the wind.
  • You sit in a puddle all day if you get water in your seat because there is no seat drain. I'll drill a few drain holes there to fix that.(Obviously I'm not afraid to drill new holes in a perfectly good boat)
  • The paddle will fill with water, so make sure you put some spray foam in it!


  • get used to going with prevailing winds/currents as it's a slow boat. There's a limit how much you can drag a plastic boat on rough surfaces before you wear a hole in the stern. If two of you dragging up from the bow is the default method to getting out of high tide mark you might think of attaching a sacrificial strip of plastic on the stern.
  • Make sure there's a tether on all through deck hatches. Every once in a blue moon a production sit on top can have leaks through scupper hole seams or mounting hardware so get crafty with home repairs.
  • Think of it as a one speed cruiser bike, and you're thinking of touring through hills. Going downhill is easy and walking uphill will happen.
  • use some method of cross hatch tie down so the hatch CANNOT pop off accidentally. A simple piece of non-stretchable line can be laced over the hatch or two straps w. buckles. If your hatch gets dislodged in surf the boat will go down.

good value - If you want to get into kayaking for cheap. I wouldn't take it in any rough water

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