Electricity Sample Setup Cost

(from Yahoo Vandwellers):
Here is some info on the cost. There are many options. I just threw this together to give you an idea.


This one is 26.00 with free shipping. I think it comes with cables? I just ordered this exact thing and will let you know what I think of it when it arrives.



You can get a single large 12v deep cycle battery at Walmart for around 100.00. Bring a old battery in if you have one to save the 8.00 core charge.

If you go with two batteries you will also have to have two short jumper cables to hook the batteries together.

If you go with 2 6volt golf cart batteries you will only need one cable. Costco sells these batteries for 75.00 apiece

Safety note: Some types of batteries give off gas when they are charged so please research this. Some people feel its necessary to put the batteries in a vented box.

Charging from the van:

The price varies on how you wish to hook the 2 batteries up.


You will something like this:


or this:


Note: I have not used either of these products so I offer no first hand experience. There are other options of course. These are only suggestions to give you an idea of the cost.

You will also need 10-15 foot or so of at least 8 ga battery wire and also various battery lugs and connectors.

You may also need to drill a small hole in your engine fire wall to bring the wire into your van. Be sure to get a rubber grommet as you don't want the wire to rub against the metal.

Of course an alternative to doing the charging from your van system is to use a simple 12v auto battery charger but you will need to be able to plug it in via
house current or a generator.

A Wal-Mart marine battery will run $85 plus core
A battery box is about $12.00
750 watt inverter is $65 to $75
2 rolls 10 AWG wire will run about $6.50
I suggest a 4 or 5 plug power strip at $4.50 to $12.00
Inline fuse holder, fuse, tape, Misc parts expect another $15.00
This will get you a very basic 110 amp battery, 750 watt inverter and connections to charge it.

if you think you might add a solar panel to the system later, install a run of the #10 wire to where you would be install the panel and safe them off.

I'd use bigger than 10ga, both from a don't-burn-my-van-up standpoint and from a bigger-wire-means-less-voltage-drop standpoint - for growth. 10GA is enough for cheap basic system.

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