Design Ideas

It had the large windows. I used black velvet material at night to hang flat (ungathered)in front of the windows. When light shined in from headlights you couldn't tell there were curtains and it looked like an empty van.

the outdoor shower more than sufficed. So I'd recommend a wet bath at most, but and outdoor shower

Bigfoot (truck camper) on the cheap : The fiberglass clam shell design is very strong, customize it.

Weight: heavy items are: generator, refrigerator, water/fuel/LP tank, batteries. Put is close to center of gravity

School bus: replace red lights with amber (legal) -added security, instead of covering with tin.

Wheelchair lift doors are great to get big stuff in, even without the lift.
Gas is easier to repair, but less power than diesel.

Steps from N-Fab (sliders, on the side)

awd astro to turn into a camping rig by t. low at expedition portal
Try to look for a 2003-05 model year. They have 16" wheels instead of 15", along with bigger, better brakes.

A very popular mod for these vans is to install a large plate style axillary trans cooler and a trans temp gauge. I've found several of these trans coolers in scrap yards, usually installed in heavy duty utility trucks and get them for $5-10 each.

I've found that Lucas Transmission Fix helps dieing transmission last a bit longer. When I bought Grumpy it had trouble with moderate trail inclines. It would literally lose all the power through the trans. Trying to get up an incline only to end up with your foot on the floor with zero wheel spin is a little embarrassing. One bottle of Lucas and the van handled any uphill that it's street tires could keep traction on.

The front turn signals and headlight trim pieces look a little foggy. Hot ticket here is a wonderful product called Brasso metal polish. I did Grumpy's a couple weeks back. Washed them, polished twice using an old hand towel, washed again. Now they are almost new looking.

leaking upper windows. Did you try 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive/Sealant (from West Marine) on them? Getting them out after using that will be tough

Once all the Styrofoam panels are in place all small crevices and openings that remain will be stuffed with loose fiberglass insulation. Before you are ready to install your paneling the final step is to install a layer of plastic sheeting. It would be best to use one continuous sheet for both walls and the ceiling as any gaps will allow moisture to infiltrate your insulation and collect behind your walls.

cargo nets found in most new vans an cars make excellent storage tools - found on salvage yards. Attach them to the inside of your vans roof.

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