Thermal Cooker

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  • Cooking in thermos using no electricity: Nissan Thermal Cooker - "Thermos Nissan" Cook N' Carry or "Sunpentown Thermo Pot" or "Shuttle Chef"
  • How to cook without lots of liquid Filled to 1/3 - 1/2 full. Cover the food with 4 to 5 pieces heavy duty Aluminum Foil, making sure it is pressed out to the walls of inter pot, to seal the heat in. Then heat for 10 to 15 minutes ((on low, start to count when steam coming out of lid), then place into outer pot. Preheat the outer pot with very hot water while the food is getting up to temp in the inner pot.
  • also for yogurt
  • 6 liter is too big for beans (if you fill to 1/2). In Canada: 1.5l size, full,
  • soak the beans overnight. Reheat after 3 hrs, espec for tough meat (beef).


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