Conversion Legal Questions

This will be for CT. I may split out other states later if any volunteers to provide info….

Registering RV is basically the same as registering a non-commercial truck or SUV. Charge will be calculated according to GVWR

In PA, conversion rules:
Change of title type, using the form mv-426b. To qualify as a motor home, there is a list of 7 items (any 4 will suffice): 1) cooking appliance. 2) refrigerator. 3) self contained toilet. 4) heating / air conditioning. 5) potable water supply. 6) faucet and sink. 7) separate 110/125 or LP gas supply.. An 'enhanced inspection station' that deals with trucks can then inspect it, take pictures of the stuff you installed, verify that it is your vehicle, and that it passes the normal safety inspection, also.
To prove you have four of the required items, you must supply pictures of the conversion. In a pinch, get pics of similar size bus/van from web.

buying/registering bus out of state, bring to CT
In SC pre-purchase, and ongoing: maintain a log of improvements and keep copies of receipts for all purchases — this is required to document conversion.
Put sign on both sides of bus saying, "Not for Hire". and "Capacity 15", since 15 passengers or less means that no CDL is required on a bus. Shoe polish is nice black.

Tip: schedule your inspection for a really cold day, so inspector will stay inside, just looking through the window.

Some people get cheaper registration/insurance as non-commercial bus, not RV. More research needed, depends on state and seemingly who will pick the phone in DMV.

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