Cheap Campgrounds

Sleeping at rest stop

  • Camping on public land and National Parks
  • Comparing camping in National parks and in private CG close to same parks. Private parks are in business to make money out of area, so they provide all imaginable (expensive) services, and sites are small and close. Parks are in business of providing recreation while preserving resources, so sites are big but services are slim. Camping in NP is rough, but RV are self-contained and can stay with no hookups for up to a week.
  • LTVA - Long Term Visitor Areas in CA and AZ: $180 for season (9/15-4/15)
  • Before booking for a season, book for couple days to get a "feel" for the park.

Membership campgrounds

  • Memberhips CG can go bankrupt - Buy the very cheapest membership that you can (hopefully less than $300) and use the membership a lot.
  • You can buy a deeded lot and lose money - if park owner goes bankrupt.
  • Good experience with membership - boondocking in SKP parks, PassPort America, Coast to Coast (if you pick a good home park, like Antelope Valley The best deals on C2C, AOR and RPI according to this author)
  • Bad experience camper evicted, some people having hard time to sell their membership to a park when management is changing usage policies and evicting their friends. As always: do not bet money (on membership) which you cannot afford to lose.
  • Does membership makes sense?
  • if you are the type of RVer who hasn't the least idea where he will be on any given evening, a membership campground is probably not for you".
  • If park owners have good contacts with local police, they can evict you without refunding any of your money for whatever reason they trump up!
  • And of course many "glowing" RV park reviews could be written by owners themselves.
  • Some CG: Maps of Coast to Coast - CCC policies - KOA - Passport America seems a good deal. another for PA, + Escapees
  • The Moose Club has more facilities with RV parks in the eastern states, and the Elks have more RV parks in the western states.

State parks

National Forrest

  • Frugal Living Tips Use the maps published by each National forest. They show where NF roads turn off the black top and go back in.
  • Use National Geographic’s "Backroads" GPS software to find camping.
  • *dispersed camping:* search on National Forest Service ( and BLM - Bureau of Land Management (
  • Park for a night nearby, next day explore without big rig.


  • Colorado: expensive SP parks ($20+)

Other cheap places

  • Timber company land
  • National Forest
  • Some military bases like Eglin, FL
  • Corps of Engineers lakes - especially off-season
  • Montana, North Dakota, and into Saskatchewan and Manitoba: city parks, rodeo grounds, ball parks, Elks Club, church grounds
  • travel through congested areas, like on I95 through the northeast, I prefer to drive at night (and sleep during day)
  • Overnight RV Parking Yahoo Group
  • Boondocking sites: Day's End list published by the Escapees RV Club.

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