Buying Used RV

Spend next to NOTHING on any old RV until you feel sure the engine and rest of drive train are solid. If any major problems are found then ditch it. I would change the engine oil and fuel filters, etc but not big stuff until you develop a feel for how solid of a rig it was.

At best a MH is a money pit. At worse a MH is a bottomless money pit.

Expect to pay $5K to fix used old (10 years) RV, and up to $2K on tires. Diesel oil change is ~ $200.

Get a "walk through" by an RV technician. Take all the time you need to learn everything there is to know about your new unit. He should (1) tell you about each item, (2) show you, and (3) let you do it. Too many people do this way too fast. Don't! Consider taking a camcorder, or at least take notes. There will be far more than any mortal can remember from this session. Be sure to get all the owner's manuals too.

  • Selling RV : try to get to "camp overnight" in the RV to get the feel.
  • has many guides included in memberhip

rules of buying RV:

  • No emotions.
  • Check weight.
  • No shortage, so don't hurry: Good deals all there all the time.
  • Why so many used RVs? Because so many people bought wrong RV and dumping it now. Chassis is crucial.
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