Boondocking Tips

How to build your own list of boondocking sites: (from

  • When traveling between winter and summer areas, travel slowly and explore the area.
  • Plan your route so that you will be on public lands when you need to look for a campsite for the night.
  • Stop around three o'clock in the afternoon. That's early, I know, but it will allow you about an hour or so to scout for a good boondocking campsite.
  • Slow down as you pass through your chosen camping area so you don't miss any possibilities.
  • When you see a forest service or other public lands road, pull off to the side and park. Then walk down the road to see if it leads to possible boondocking campsites.
  • If so, drive in and unhitch. Now take your tow/toad and explore further. If you find a better spot, move to it. If not, stay where you are.
  • If you find a better spot that has room to turn around or make a loop, you will not have to un-hitch the next time you use the campsite.
  • Record the location on your GPS, or write directions in your campground book or journal so you can find it again next year.
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