Beginning RV

Start with weekend camping and longer trips to see is you like lifestyle. Some people recommend to rent couple different RVs to try handling and living in fairly confined place for longer periods ("cabin fever"), but it can be expensive ($200/day). RV rental shakedown

Spend the first night or weekend in your driveway, so you have quick access to things you didn't think you would need. And if things would go wrong, your bed is very close.

If you drive a long distance to buy a new TC from a dealer. Spend a couple of nights in it camping in the area before driving back home. You may find problems that need resolving.

But: Sometimes you can get one-way rental (transfer RV between rental places) for $10-$20 a day, like this deal. You are limited by date and by pickup/dropoff location, but you can try RV lifestyle really cheap.

get a 1 year membership at Camping World to get the discount for all those first time purchases. BUT: don't forget thrift shops or garage sales for all the breakables!

Another way (if you are serious) is to start with buying old unit and try to live in it for couple of weeks/months, then trade for a different one with gained experience (or keep it after you spent substantial amount fixing it).

Some people recommend the biggest rig you can afford. Some people have $1M rig with marble kitchen, tile floor, washer and dryer, and 4 slide-outs.

Other people recommend to adjust your mindset: smaller unit allows you to explore more remote places and easier driving; boondocking allows you to live almost free off-grid.

After 16 years as fulltimer: stay loose with your plans (allowing you ad-hoc exploration - you may never travel this route again) and make good notes (GPS coordinates) so you can return to good places.

Advice for beginners:

  • your first RV is your training wheels
  • Bigger is not always better
  • You can often add expensive accessories later.
  • Before purchasing a trailer, you should determine what type and size truck will be needed to tow it

Learning From Experience - Beginner's mistakes.
Don't wait too long to get the biggest RV with all the amenities of your stick house: get small 24" MH and enjoy the lifestyle.
Beginner's mistakes - a funny recollection.
First ride in new Lazy Daze C MH

Too much information?

With so much information available at wwww, it’s easy to overwhelm yourself with more knowledge than you can apply. You read e-books and blogs, participate in teleconferences and coaching sessions, and join user forums to talk about getting things done.

One of two things happen as a result: you spend more time planning to act then acting; or you devote minimal energy to multiple plans instead of committing to one solid approach. Found at tinybuddha

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