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Please enjoy collection of links I found during (long) searches on Internet about RVing.

I picked links based on my interests and priorities: frugal RV life, in great outdoors, with little or no experience in mechanical maintenance (I am computer person).


RV-Speak - terminology used in RV world and common abbreviations
Compare RV types - Features Pro-Con - Features tips

Beginning RV

Buying new RV - Buying used RV
Beginning RV - Driving


Organize space - Get rid of stuff - Accessories
Cost of RV living - Cheap Campgrounds - Snowbirds
RV Lifestyle - Living in RV - Full-time travel - 5th wheel - Having Fun - Non-tourist Wandering
Full-time considerations - Future of RVing - Making Money - Workamping - Taxes
Health Insurance
Cooking - Food Storage

Technical questions

Checklists - Storing for winter
Maintenance - Dry rot - Modifications - Cleaning RV - Rodents and insects
Engine and transmission - Fuel
Electricity - LP Gas - Fridge - Air vents
Water - Sewage
How to stay in touch - Money - RV Insurance

Frugal and DIY vans

Sprinter - Ford/Chevy vans - Paint exterior
Design Ideas - Insulation - Wood construction
Frugal shower - Van Design ideas - Truck Camper Ideas
Select a bus - Buying van/bus in another state -
Conversion Legal Questions - Conversion Insurance
Help with conversion

More Frugal: Adventure cycling

Select bike Bike repairs
Bike Touring Accessories - Bike Touring Shelter
Bike Touring Trips - Bike Touring Maps
Bike touring websites


Towing - Hitches - Braking - Tires - Driving - Diesel - Weight
Fire protection - First Aid - CO Detector
Personal Security - Where to park


Kayaks - Backpacking light

Link collections - Book Reviews

RV Shows - Rallies - RV Market info RV travel


Usual disclaimers apply: I did this research for my own situation, and it might not be valid for your specific situation. Use provided info at your own risk and use common sense - do your own research. There is plenty of info available online, many people with many opinions. Some info is non-free, but I occasionally link to non-free source if it has good references (and I mention if I bought it and can vouch for it). I summarized many forum discussions, because they tend to shoot off-topic.

If you like what you read, feel free to link to my pages. But copying my pages is not allowed - content is copyrighted and NOT under any "share" license, I am trying to build a web presence. Copyright, see? Copyright allows you to retell same topic but prevents you to copy-paste. And common courtesy is to link to original articles, as I do.

If you like to contribute, let's talk.

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